🚦Navigation Menus

Navigation Menus are customizable menus in your theme. They allow users to add Pages, Posts, Categories, and URLs to the menu.

  1. Go to Appearance→Menus

  2. Give your menu a name and click the Create Menu button

  3. Add a few simple links from Links tab

  4. Save your menu

  5. Navigate to Manage Locations tab (at the top of the screen)

  6. Choose your new menu as Main Navigation

  7. Click Save Menu

It is important that you then assign your menus to their intended location. For the main navigation menu, check the box at the bottom of the screen titled Primary menu. If you create a separate Footer menu, please be sure to check the box titled Footer Menu.

Switch between menus you've created by choosing them from the Select a menu to edit drop-down. Click Select.

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